Behavior Modification


A One day CPD/CME course which takes you on a journey of understanding of the challenges and the direction of behavioral change. The Wheel Of Change by Prochaska and Di Clemente’s six stages of change will be explained and explored in order to fully understand change in all its facets.

Topics such as smoking cessation and other addictive practices will be explored and discussed in order to understand and support individuals confronting behavioral change in their lives.

Aims of the course:

Learning outcomes:

  • To generate understandings of the many challenges and facets of behavioral change
  • To generate an awareness and understanding of the range of responses change. How they may be influenced by the unique aspects of the individual.
  • To promote the application of psychological and sociological approaches change in clinical practice and elsewhere.
  • To assist the learner to reflect on the many aspects of behavioral change.
  • To develop the learner’s skill when working with the challenges faced by individuals wishing to change.

A small deposit will secure a place on any upcoming training events.